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Health Care Center

The health care center of ILDES (Southern suburbs of Beirut), created at Hadath in the caza of Baabda in 1988, has been legalized by the Ministry of Health in 1991.

It is run by a nurse, a pharmacist and a social assistant. A physician is responsible for it towards the Ministry of Health. This center takes care not to encroach upon either the medical corps, or the pharmaceutical corps operating in Lebanon.

Its aim is to train and awaken the population to a good sanitary prevention, and to provide medical aid to any person not covered by a medical insurance.

The medical assistance provided by the center includes preventive and curative treatment in the following major specialties : general medicine, internal medicine,pediatrics, cardiology, endocrinology, gastro-enterology, gynaecology, neurology, ophtalmology, orthopaedics, pneumology, urology, psychiatry.

Care is provided at the center premises as well at the patient’s home. The patient has the possibility to obtain medicines for the treatment of chronic, as well as non-chronic, illnesses. Some of the medical tests are performed at the center for a symbolic contribution( ECG, laboratory tests…)

Since the main aim of the care center is to prevent diseases before having to cure them, it is eager to help people in acquiring a good hygienic behaviour.

With this in mind:

  • it provides preventive care, particularly by organizing vaccination campaigns in the schools of the region, in homes as well as at the center itself.
  • it undertakes , with the help of the center’s physicians, the organization of conferences, seminars and discussions around health themes concerning the population.

There are fifteen active physicians at the center. Each one of them handles one of the thirteen specialties mentioned above. These physicians are all volunteers. Each one is being consulted annually by a number of patients varying between fifty and two hundred and fifty.

The operation of the health care center is governed by the following rules :

  • A medical-social file is opened for each person upon his/her arrival.
  • The person is immediately examined and followed-up by one of the center’s physicians.
  • The treatment for chronic diseases is reviewed by the attending physician and updated every three months.
  • A follow-up is maintained for all patients ( telephone call in case of prolonged absence, reminder for appointments etc…)

Opening Hours: from 8am to 2pm.

Preventive care procedures

To date (2006), the vaccination campaigns provide the following vaccines :

  • Triple vaccine(Diphteria, tetanus, whooping-cough)
  • Poliomyelitis
  • MMR (mumps,measles, rubeola)
  • Double vaccine(DT)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Triple vaccine + HIB

300 to 400 children are vaccinated annually in the schools of the region, as well as at the center itself.

Sanitary training

Seminars and conferences dealing with various health care subjects are organized monthly at the care center. The importance, causes, detection, treatment and prevention necessary for a given medical problem are exposed.

A discussion follows each presentation, and the audience benefits from individual counselling. On average, 60 persons attend each of these seminars and conferences, held usually at the center by the center’s physicians.

Sources of medicines

The following persons, organizations and associations provide medicines to the ILDES dispensaries :

  • The YMCA, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, provides every three months specific medicines for chronic diseases.
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs subsidizes a number of general purpose medicines.
  • Some physicians offer medicine samples they receive.
  • Some individuals hand over medicines they do not require anymore.
  • « Pharmaciens sans Frontières », a French NGO, sends once a year medicines for all sorts of diseases.

For your questions:

Address :

Dispensaire ILDES
Mar Geryess
El Khraybé
Tel: +961 (5) 453804

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