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The funds managed by the ILDES come mainly from donations effected by private or public persons, both Lebanese and non Lebanese, as well as by associations and foundations.

These donations are subject to specific conventions and are linked to very definite projects : creation of dispensaries, creation of an employment office, funds for micro-credits, social aid, schooling aid. Donations are made either in cash or in kind. In this case, they consist generally in the right to use premises, in equipment, or in voluntary work.

An annual audit performed by the Lebanese branch of the “Deloitte et Touche” company is transmitted to the donors.

The public persons include :

  • The Ministry of Social Affairs,
  • The Ministry of Health,
  • The Ministry of Tourism,
  • The Ministry of Education,
  • The Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR),
  • The maronite Archbishopric of Beirut,
  • The Commission European Communities (UE),
  • The Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation,
  • The national Lebanese Commission for the UNESCO,
  • The French Cooperation.

Associations, NGOs and the following foundations include :

  • Young Men Christian Association (YMCA, Lebanese branch),
  • Pharmaciens sans Frontières (France),
  • La Guilde Européenne du Raid (France),
  • The German Association for the Education of Adults (DVV)
  • Solidarité Liban (France)
  • Brot fur die welt (BFDW, Germany)
  • Misereor (Allemagne)
  • Maronite Outreach in Lebanon (MOIL, US),
  • The Fares Foundation(Lebanon).
  • Foundation for the social Promotion of Culture (FSPC, Spain)

However, in addition to these donations, there are other funds which consist in micro-credits managed by the ILDES, such as the funds provided by German NGOs through the Council of Middle-East Churches (CEMO). These funds are managed jointly by the ILDES and the CEMO

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