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Vocational training

Started in 1986, at the inception of the ILDES, vocational training is one of the essential elements of ILDES policy for the rehabilitation of persons in difficult situations.

It concerns manual trades that both men and women can perform. Since 1986, embroidery and sewing courses are offered at the health care center’s premises, at Hadath.

Since 1995, courses in painting on fabric and ceramics are offered in the same premises.

In 2000, training sessions in accounting techniques are taking place in the various cazas covered by the micro-credits program, and are ongoing to date(2006).

In 2002, with the help of the directorate of the “Co-operation on Swiss Development in Lebanon”, ILDES has started a vast cycle of conferences and counsels on income generating activities. It is noteworthy that training sessions in carpentry, machining and pigs breeding have been carried out during the crucial war periods, in order to allow displaced youngsters to acquire a trade. These sessions have ceased in 1990, with the end of the war.

Training in embroidery, sewing and painting

In collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, training courses in embroidery, sewing and painting on silk, porcelain and ceramics are offered every year in the premises of the health care center at Hadath.

These courses are intended mainly for women, in order to allow them to contribute at increasing their family income. A symbolic contribution is required from persons following these courses. The duration of these courses is nine months, at a weekly rate of six to eight hours. Two female specialists supervise these sessions, one for embroidery , the other for sewing.


Since 2000, accounting courses are provided to all ILDES debtors. These courses, which were given initially in presence of several debtors practicing the same activity, are now provided to any debtor on an individual basis. The aim of these sessions is to teach all applicants how to improve running their business.

In 2002, a vast conference cycle was organized in all Lebanese regions, at the request of micro-credits beneficiaries, on subjects concerning the rural world, and on income generating activities, namely on agricultural, breeding and handicraft techniques, as well as on subjects concerning service activities that could be of interest to persons and enterprises in a rural environment.

The organization of this conference cycle has benefited from the financial support of the Swiss Co-operation.

These conferences, given by specialists, are based on feasibility studies performed by the ILDES, within the framework of the development of its micro-credits fund activities. To date, a total of 248 conferences have been organized in 25 centers all over Lebanon. 3,255 persons have followed them, and 39 themes have been addressed, as follows:

  • 10 themes related to the small agro-alimentary industry.
  • 8 themes related to the culture of vegetables.
  • 7 themes related to breeding.
  • 8 themes related to handicraft.
  • 2 themes related to services.

Since then, the ILDES organizes these conferences upon request, and hands out feasibility studies on the occasion of its campaigns for the promotion of micro-credits in rural areas.

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