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Employment Office

In the eyes of the founders and animators of the ILDES, emigration constitutes one of the main scourges that have hit Lebanon since the 19th century. Being aware that this hemorrhage concerns, in the first place, the most educated members of families with precarious conditions, such as the families displaced by the wars that devastated Lebanon, the ILDES has created, in 1993, a specialized department, that aims at helping unemployed persons in finding a job. This department benefits from the relations network available to the ILDES in Lebanon, throughout all sectors of the economy, in private enterprises, in the public service and in the press.

With the unprecedented crisis faced by the various sectors of the Lebanese economy, and the difficulties encountered by the unemployed looking for work, the ILDES , with its employment office, strives to establish a link between job seekers and job offers. It accompanies job seekers in their quest, by proposing job offers and counselling. It ensures the adequacy between candidates profiles and the description of offered positions.

It also offers its recruiting services to enterprises that need help in this field.

It is important to note that the Employment Office is a department of the ILDES, and that the ILDES is an NGO. Therefore, the Employment Office operates benevolently: it is remunerated neither by job seekers nor by the enterprises.

Owing to the social importance of its activity, the Employment Office takes advantage , since 2004, from a financial aid provided by a German NGO, MISEREOR. This aid allows it to improve upon its human resources and equipment, and contributes at increasing its efficiency.

How does the Employment Office proceed?

The Employment Office welcomes, on appointment, all persons looking for work in Lebanon or in the Arab countries. It is intended for persons without any professional qualifications, most of whom are advanced in age, as well as for those having important professional qualifications who are seeking positions as medium or top exececutives in enterprise. In parallel, the employment office receives job offers from enterprises and endeavors to answer them. Persons looking for a job are asked to call on us and bring their CV. They are interviewed by the responsible persons from the employment office, and they fill a questionnaire in which they indicate the type of job they are seeking, the region and the salary level requested.

A follow-up of the hired persons allows us to ascertain their good working conditions. Likewise, a follow-up with the enterprise offering the job is undertaken in order to be aware of its degree of satisfaction. These follow-ups facilitate the ILDES’s work and allow it to achieve a better efficiency.

Demands for qualified Lebanese manpower coming from Arab oil countries allow the ILDES to hire some job seekers at more motivating salaries than those paid locally. Even though the ILDES seeks to check the emigration movement of qualified Lebanese, it does not hesitate to encourage the departures towards the Gulf countries, because they are always on a temporary basis, contrary to the emigration towards Europe, America or Australia.

As years go by, the employment office has succeeded in developing a relation of confidence with numerous big Lebanese enterprises. The proof is that an increasing number of enterprises, when looking for an employee, come to this office first, even before referring to newspaper announcements or contacting private recruitment offices.

Future vision

At medium term, the aim of the employment office is to be able to answer the highest percentage of job applications, and to cater for the highest number of job offers. With this dynamism, it intends to increase its efficiency while preserving its social objectives, to extend its presence to all Lebanese regions, to develop its acquaintances network through representatives in the Arab oil countries, and to increase its reach of sectors with difficult access.

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