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The workshops

Promoting inter-community life and dialogue, this is the message of the ILDES. In this context, the ILDES is led to reflect permanently on the relations among communities, and on the development conditions in regions inhabited by different communities.

Since the beginning of its action in 1986, the leaders of the ILDES have never ceased to : participate at conferences regarding inter-community dialogue ; multiply articles, writings and conferences on this subject in regions of displacement ; preach to the displaced the importance of their return to their locality of origin, as well as the importance of dialogue vis-à-vis the negation of the other and the will to sell and expatriate themselves ; fight against any action (sale, exodus…) that hinders the return to inter-community life; and facilitate this type of life by implementing a program of community infra-structures in displacement regions, such as clubs, multi-purpose halls where youngsters could meet etc…

Thus, its action in favor of the return of populations displaced by the wars that devastated Lebanon between 1975 and 1990 has aimed at the regeneration of the multiple community social fabric in Lebanon, and at the development of the regions of return.

The systematization of this message has thrived following a series of contacts between the ILDES and the Lebret Center (IRFED -France, Switzerland) which works on a thematic axis « Development of peoples and Dialogue of civilizations ». A project for the organization of workshops has been decided and prepared jointly between the two bodies starting from January 2003.

The general objectives of this workshop, « Development of peoples, and dialogue of civilizations » are as follows:

  1. Facilitate, at the international level, the meeting of social actors, provoke their deep reflection and their input regarding the interaction among spiritualities/religions and/or philosophies.
  2. Elaborate proposals for the renewal of conditions and requirements of this dialogue of civilizations, involved in social realities, as seen by these actors and for the current period.

The specific approach of this initiative consists in the organization of a series of workshops taking place from 2003 onwards, in various regions which are sensitive to, and representative of, some expressions of this dialogue.

Each encounter would correspond to a particular approach according to the following proposal :

  1. Beirut (Lebanon) for the « Arab East – Turkey – Iran » region, 2003
  2. India for the « Asia » region, 2005
  3. Czech Republic for the « Central and Eastern Europe » region, 2005
  4. Haïti for « the Americas », 2006
  5. Congo (Lumumbachi) for the « Africa » region, 2006

An international seminar would conclude these workshops in Lebanon or in the « Mediterranean Basin and Middle East » region.

In October 2003, the workshop for the « Arab East – Turkey – Iran » region was held at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut. 15 countries from Asia, Africa,Europe, North and South America have participated in it : Philippines, Indonesia, India, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, France, USA and Uruguay. The participants were actors of social transformation: ex-president of Indonesia Abdel Rahman Wahid, NGO leaders specialized in development and social services, members of organizations for the training of youth, of research centers in social sciences, members of organizations for the defense of rights and promotion of fringe populations( untouchables, women, children, handicapped, minorities), leaders of feminist organizations, university professors, researchers, writers…

At the end of this workshop that lasted four days, the organizers have provided the press with a report on the seminar.

Downloading of the workshop report given to the press


Future Vision

The ILDES intends to act in favor of the education of the youth, teaching them to respect the others, their rights and their freedom, and to uproot all feelings of negation or rejection towards persons belonging to another community. In this spirit, the ILDES will prepare a government bill that would propose the inclusion in schools curricula of a course on the discovery, the knowledge and the approach of the other, as well as the promotion of the mixing of students from different communities in order to spread the cohabitation in peace of these students.

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