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Social Aid

Social aids affect totally dispossed persons, who for several reasons( long time unemployment, physical or mental handicap, lack of training etc..) are incapable of working. Any person could benefit from this aid, especially persons displaced from their locality of origin.

All these aids are granted on the basis of reports established by the social assistant. These reports are the result of an enquiry and a thorough investigation undertaken by her at the home of the applicants. These aids are secured thanks to funds from foreign associations, from Lebanese benefactors, as well as proper funds from ILDES.

Schooling aids:

With the contribution of an association of Lebanese emigrants in the US ( MOIL ), who wish to support families from their own localities or caza, the ILDES contributes to school sponsorship expenses for one child per family.

These aids were granted in two forms :

  • Schooling aid : individual aid granted to one student for the current school year.
  • School sponsorship : continuous aid granted to one student until the end of his/her schooling years.

Granting Conditions :

  • The student must belong to a displaced family, having returned to its locality of origin.
  • The student has to belong to a family in need.
  • The student must have a good school record.
  • The aid is delivered to the school in presence of the families.
  • The student is sponsored as long as the annual follow-up of ILDES proves that the family is in need.

Sponsorship of families:

These sponsorships take place mainly thanks to, and in collaboration with, the "Guilde Européenne du Raid ", a French NGO.

These sponsorships consist in a European family taking charge of a Lebanese family. They are paid directly to the families, and help them in taking care of bare necessities. These families come from the Southern suburbs of Beirut, and from the cazas of Baalbeck, the Chouf and Aley.

Terms and conditions of implementation:

  • The ILDES takes care of the identification of Lebanese families in need
  • The aid of the European family to the Lebanese family goes through the European association, then through ILDES.
  • Any identified Lebanese family will continue being helped as long as it is proved to be in need.

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